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Oyster Farm Tours

Oyster Farm Tours

Delicious Oysters
Clear Waters
Spectacular Views
  • Special Family Group Rates
  • Suitable for children over 6 years
  • Life Cycle of the Oyster from seed to plate
  • Extended tour available during Spring (high)tides
  • Oyster Tasting
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable guides
  • Tours last approximately 1 hour

Oyster Farm Tour and Tasting

Private Oyster Farm Tour and Tasting

Our Oysters

Our Oysters

Oysters have been farmed in Ballinakill Bay, Connemara since 1893. It is one of the oldest oyster farms in the country.

Originally the oysters were brought by horse and cart in barrels to Clifden, then they travelled by rail to Dublin for shipment on the mail boat to England.

Today, oysters from Ballinakill Bay are served in local hotels and restaurants as well as being exported worldwide.

Join us on our farm tour and see how oysters are grown over a three-year period from seed to plate. As part of the tour enjoy the taste of a Connemara Oyster fresh from the waters of Ballinakill Bay.

Our extended tours during Spring tides are special and include a walk on the seashore to the oyster beds.

“Thank you for a fabulous tour. A lover of oysters for many years, I was surprised at how much new information we got about them. Then we got to taste them and they were complex and sweet and some of the best I have known.”

Bettina Stefanini, Dublin, Ireland 

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Wet Your Apetite! Videos of the Farm

Farm Tour Video

Farm Tour Overview

Oysters Video

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