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    Ballinakill Bay is an ideal site for oyster growth....

Our Taste

The art of fine dining incorporates all of our senses; taste, smell, vision and feel. All of these senses, your senses, will enable you to bask in the unique combination of flavours while dining on our oysters.

Oysters are low in calories, low in fat and a good source of protein. They contain a vast stockpile of minerals, vitamins and organic compounds with a high concentrate of zinc. This healthy option coupled with the influences of the waters of Ballinakill Bay mean that our oysters are the quintessential choice for you.

Whether you are sitting in for a romantic evening with your partner, wishing to live a healthier lifestyle, or simply wish to enjoy the flavour of a Connemara grown oyster with a glass of wine and good company, ours are the perfect choice.

Our oysters can be served naked or simply dressed in a sauce of your choosing. For some the lightly broiled oyster is a delight and can be enhanced with a variety of garnish.

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